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30oz  Live Laugh Love Groovy skinny 30 oz wrap

30oz Live Laugh Love Groovy skinny 30 oz wrap

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PNG IMAGE- Hey All, with this new skinny 30 oz tumbler wrap design you will receive 3 png files and 1 jpeg, each of which are 300 DPI. All files are perfect for sublimation, waterslides and photography. You'll get one square image that has multiple uses but is mainly used to be able to warp/ contour yourself, it is not meant to fit any one thing. You'll also get the Straight version for skinny 30 oz straight tumblers as well as the warp version which is ready to be used as a wrap as pictured above and fits RTS Sublimation Tumblers by Tamara, BulkTumblers and Nashville Wholesale tumblers perfectly as well as Hogg skinny 20 for water slides with no overlap. So if you like images that are ready to go then this file is for you! I hope you enjoy this beautiful image as much as i did making it. ENJOY!

When opening files, they should import in at 12"x12". If not, lock sizing ratio and reduce to 12"x12" then print as is or trace the outline for more accurate image measurements.


**NOTE: This is a digital download only, you will not receive a physical item. There will be no refunds, returns or exchanges made for any digital file because you did not read the description.

**NOTE: My images are not to be sold and are not for resale under any circumstances. For making of physical items use only. Reprints to be sold /gave are not allowed